My Father’s Present

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I believe God provides. I don’t believe that is purely in material things. I believe it applies to all things. I believe God uses all things to teach us to depend upon Him and to trust Him in all that we encounter in life.

In our small group, we were discussing giving sacrificially to God. We were going around the room stating what that could look like for each one of us. As other people were sharing, God put it on my heart to sell my 2007 Honda Accord, buy a less expensive car, and use the profit to pay down my credit card debt. My wife and I have been called to serve God in Tanzania, Africa, and we need to be debt free in order to serve God in Tanzania full-time. When my turn came, I did not want to share that God was leading me to sell my car because I like my car and I wanted to keep it, but I told the group and added, “I don’t need anything fancy like a Lexus. I just need a good reliable car.” Some people laughed and thought I was turning Amish. I left dis-heartened and frustrated with myself that I was always the one to push the envelope. Why couldn’t I just go with the flow and keep my mouth shut?!

I was still convicted the next day. I looked at $3,000 used cars on-line, but nothing got me excited to say the least. I did not want to give up so I messaged Craig Hardee, a local car dealer and friend. I asked him to help me find a car. He said he would look to see what he could find that would meet my needs. He does not get many calls from people looking to trade down. An hour later, Craig called me, and his exact words were, “I had someone come in 37 minutes after you messaged me, and he has a Lexus that he wants to give to someone.” Craig said that in twenty years of selling cars, he never had anyone offer to give one away. So he told me to come pick up my Lexus, and he bought mine. That gave me enough money to pay off my credit card debt.

I went home that evening and told my wife and daughters, Caroline and Virginia, about “God’s car.” Caroline said, “there is something significant about the number 37 (referring to the 37 minutes it took for God to show off). We could not find any ties to “37” that night. The next day, I woke up early to read a prayer devotional book that my wife and I are reading through. Before I opened to the day 5 devotional, I decided to write down what God did for me the day before. Afterwards, I turned to my devotion and it was entitled “Write it Down.” In the devotion, it spoke of identifying a scripture as my prayer scripture. The book mentioned, “Delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” That was the one for me, but I did not look it up or write it down. Caroline then walked in the room and I told her about the title of the devotion and how I had just written down my car story. Caroline said, What! Is it on page 37?” As it turned out, the daily devotion was on page 37, and the scripture was Psalm 37:4.

None of this means that we want something material and God drops it in our laps. It means that when our hearts are aligned with God then our desires square with His promises and we can always trust in His promises and provisions. Trusting in God keeps our feet on the right path to fulfill the purpose for which we were created. The story of the car is one example, but God uses all things to guide us and to speak to us, if we choose to see, to hear, and to follow.


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